Guide to Selecting Development Tech Partner

A Guide to Selecting a Tech Development Partner

The guide provides a list of considerations that should be made when selecting a partner to offer technical services to a digital agriculture project. The documents list MUST-DOs when initiating the project, building internal the project team, establishing timelines, budgeting, and developing an RFP.

Dissemination Planning Guide

This document provides a guide to dissemination and key messaging for launching a new digital tool for agriculture. It uses the IFAD-funded Programme for Rural Irrigation Development (PRIDE) in Malawi as a use case.

Revenue Models thumbnail

Revenue Stream Models for Sustainability Planning

This is a guide to different types of revenue models for new platforms. It is best used as a starting point for brainstorming about sustainability from a variety of angles. The guide is based on recommendations from the IFAD-funded Sustainable Agricultural Production Programme (SAPP) in Malawi.