Future Proofing Digital Agriculture
Future Proofing Digital Agriculture

Future Proofing Digital Agriculture

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Areas of focus
Capacity Building, Data Use and Governance, Digital Ecosystems, Tools, and IoT, Enabling Environment, Sustainability

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Policy, Other resources

Introduction and Background

This report is a summary of the IFAD DAS Event on digital agriculture held between 14th and 15th March 2023 in Nairobi. The report summarizes the lessons learned in addressing the gaps in digital tools and information access as part of the dissemination strategy for the Digital Advisory Support Services for Accelerated Rural Transformation (DAS) Program.

The event identified the following as prerequisites to future proofing digital agriculture;

  • Focus on achieving connectivity by investing in physical infrastructure, policy and regulatory alignment and building the technical skills for users,
  • Design for tomorrow through integration and building integration ready systems,
  • Invest in robust data governance and management frameworks and
  • Invest in system interoperability across governments, sectors and Ministries

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