Digital Vision for the livestock sector in CAR.
Digital Vision for the livestock sector in CAR.

A Digital Vision for the Livestock Sector in the Central African Republic

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Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship, Digital Ecosystems, Tools, and IoT, Enabling Environment, Extension Services, Livestock and Crop Value Chains

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Introduction and Background

This case study is a synthesis of lessons learnt during the design of the FAD-funded Livestock and Youth Support Project (PEAJ) in the Central African Republic (CAR). The document highlights proposed digital investments to support a digital livestock sector especially for low-income countries characterized by poor digital infrastructure and significant rural communities.

The Livestock and Youth Support is an IFAD-Funded Project aims to improve the food and nutrition security and the resilience of vulnerable households in four sub-prefectures of the country:

  • Bamingui-Bangoran
  • Nana-Grébizi
  • Ouham
  • Ouham-Pendé

The assessment proposed the adoption and scaling of the following digital tools during and after the implementation of PEAJ:

  • Establishment of an e-advisory and extension service to provide farmers training, mentoring, and coaching sessions.
  • Scaling of existing financial and payment solutions to link farmers, aggregators, and service providers in the livestock industry.
  • Establishment of a livestock farmers registry and database that aggregates farmers, service providers, extension officers, and other stakeholders and informs targeted interventions and messaging.

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