A guide to successful handover
A guide to successful handover

A Guide to Successful Tool Handover

Available in English and French

Areas of focus
Capacity Building, Digital Ecosystems, Tools, and IoT, Enabling Environment, Sustainability

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Guides and DIY, Other resources

Introduction and Background

This document provides a step-by step guide on designing, rollout and handover of digital tools to the government and communities.The document is based on the Principles For Digital Development.

Digital tools are often developed as part of projects funded by development partners.

The handover of these tools is the last phase of a project management life cycle.

This document identifies the following steps in successful handover of digital tools:

  • Plan for Sustainability from the Start
  • Build collaborative approaches
  • Focus on capacity building
  • Develop system documentation/user manuals
  • Create training materials
  • Plan for evaluation
  • Celebrate success
  • Follow-Up after implementation.

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