Upgrading and Scaling Digital Call Centre for Reaching Smallholder Farmers in Sudan

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Areas of focus
Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship, Capacity Building, Digital Ecosystems, Tools, and IoT, Gender, Equity and Inclusion, Youth and Agriculture

Product Type
Best Practices and Case Studies

Introduction and Background

Development Gateway (DG) completed an ICT assessment of the Integrated Agriculture and Marketing Development Project (IAMDP) call center in El Obeid City, Republic of Sudan. The assessment recommended an upgrade of the existing SMS and call center to a client-relations management (CRM) system with the capacity to integrate with SMS/MMS and social media platforms and to support robust monitoring and reporting.

The assessment identified the following main components of a digital agriculture CRM:

  1. Content development and management module
  2. User management module
  3. Farmer grouping module
  4. API Integrations with SMS providers and social media
  5. Integration with social media
  6. Farmer feedback mechanisms
  7. Reporting and data analytics

To access more details on the recommendations and upgrade designs, please click on the download button below.

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